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Key Holder Monthly

Key Holder Monthly

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Monthly Key Holding Package

When people ask Me about Chastity Cage Keyholding, I advise the following:

1) you should have two keys for the lock

2) Send one the keys to  Me, the Keyholder, with a SAE and tape the key to a piece of cardboard for example.

3) Place your key in a secure location that I agree to for access for cleansing and removal for emergencies.  Devices such as a Time Lock Container (I can send you an acceptable one on Amazon) can assist with that.


Pricing and Fees


Basic per month: $30. The base price includes one picture of me wearing your key and one check-in (random) per day.


Intermediate per month: $50:  Includes Base package and there will be random tease messages sent weekly.


All In per month: $100: Includes Base/Intermediate package and tease emails.  Each week you will receive an email from Me where I tease and make fun of your chaste state.  This email will be graphic in detail.

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