Allow me to introduce myself, I am Madame Tessa.  I have been in the lifestyle since 2003.  I have owned submissives/slaves and am currently in the process of moving so that hopefully soon I will have a slave in residence again.
I am a stern lifestyle Dominatrix (a pro bono Dominatrix, for whom Dominatrix play is a defining personality trait), unlike professionally paid Dominatrices who only perform so far as their clients pay them, life Dommes never tire of it.
I am a true Dominatrix, I make it My job to balance pleasure with pain while keeping the respect for the art of BDSM itself, that does not mean I will be giving out My time and expertise for free!
You might be afraid of My Sadistic Dominion but be aware, there is also a caring and loving side to Me. I can soothe pain as well as inflict it. 
With the wide range of skills and many fetishes to choose, I will be The One to fulfill your deepest fantasies. 

As a Professional, I am focused on providing services with the highest level of satisfaction and strive to meet all client’s expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, there is something for everyone. Your level of experience is unimportant; however, I will only work with submissive clients.

I do not offer sexual services or nudity of any kind, any suggestion of such will stop the session immediately and you will be blacklisted.

I can cater to all levels of experience, and can easily astonish veterans right down to working with moderately experienced submissives or BDSM virgins
Want to be worthy of My time? Then send your tribute first and then an introductory email. 

Madame Tessa
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